Lapis Lazuli Multi-Point Pyramids


  • Price for a Single Pyramid
  • Stone: Lapis Lazuli
  • Size: Base Length 1 inch approx.
  • Shape: Pyramid
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Lapis Lazuli Multi-Point Pyramids:

This Lapis Lazuli Pyramid with Multi-points in the base is used for healing & meditation. These attractive Lapis Lazuli Pyramids are mostly used by regular users & healers.

Lapis Lazuli Multi Point Pyramids

Meta Physical Properties of Lapis Lazuli:- The Lapis Lazuli causes the body to dispose of the impression of stress offering approach to quiet. Also, this stone has a huge peacefulness. Crucial for otherworldly acknowledgment. With the Lapis Lazuli your body will be ensured because of initiating the gatekeeper spirits. This stone distinguishes the clairvoyant assaults and squares them. In this way restoring his vitality.


Healing Properties of Lapis Lazuli:- Lapis Lazuli is valuable to the throat, larynx and vocal harmonies and controls the endocrine and thyroid organs. It beats hearing misfortune and different issues with ear and nasal entries.


*Note:- Since these are Natural Stones, the size & color of the product may slightly vary.


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