Black Obsidian Crystal Wands Hexagonal Double Terminated Point (Set of 3)


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  • Stones: Black Obsidian
  • Size:
    • Length: 1.9″-2.1″(50-55mm)
    • Width:0.31″-0.39″(8-10mm)
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  • Stones: Black Obsidian
  • Type: Massage Wands
  • Size:
    • Length: 1.9″- 2.1″(50 – 55 mm)
    • Width: 0.31″- 0.39″(8 – 10 mm)
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Black Obsidian Crystal Wands Hexagonal Double Terminated Point (Set of 3):

Black Obsidian Crystal Wands Double Terminated Points

Natural Black Obsidian Healing Crystal Massage Wands Hexagonal Double Terminated Point (Set of 3) Prism Bar Polished Tumbled Stone Chakra Meditation Therapy.

Usage: This natural obsidian point is perfect to be a part of Crystal Grids. Suitable for Home & office decoration, collecting, gifts, study, healing, meditation, massage too.

Healing Power: Obsidian is a protective stone that is believed to absorb negative energies, dissolves emotional blockages and mental traumas.

Perfect Gift Idea: This 3 pcs crystal wand set makes a terrific gift idea for those who are just beginning to experiment with healing crystals, and it is also the best home warming gift and office decoration for family or friends.

Black Obsidian Crystal Wholesale Wands Hexagonal Double Terminated Point

Double terminated crystal point:

The pointed end of the crystal wand draws and channels energy inward or outward depending on how you position the wand.Each of the double terminated crystal wands feels great to hold in your hand and is excellent piece for meditations, healing, Chakra balancing and grounding, grids and energy sessions. Suitable for Home & office Decor, collecting, gifts, study.


Crystal Wands Set:
These powerful crystals have the ability to bring emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance in your life by the unique vibrational energy each one holds. These Wands act as perfect elements for Feng Shui, as they help convert negative energies into positive, and provide blessings to any environment that you place them in.

Obsidian is believed to encourage strength, integrity and grounding. It is said to dissolve fear and is a wonderful crystal to have with you.
Black Obsidian as a stone can help you connect with your ‘inner warrior’. Obsidian is actually natural glass that is formed when ancient molten lava flows are submerged in water creating incredible energy in this stone. It is believed to draw imbalances to the surface and helps to release them.

Black Obsidian Crystal Bulk Wands Hexagonal Double Terminated Point

Note:- Since these are Natural Stones the size & color of the product may slightly.


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