Orgone Meaning & Healing Properties

Wilhelm Reich a famous Austrian Austrian scientist, philosopher and psychoanalyst, discovered Orgone Energy with his research of a physical bio-energy basis for Sigmund Freud’s theories of neurosis in humans.

Orgone Definition:

Orgone Energy is the Life Force of the universe, it is the basic energy present in all organic & inorganic matters on the planet. Orgone is also known as prana, life force, ki, chi, mana, universal energy… etc.

Orgonite meaning:

Orgonite is derived from the word “orgone”. It makes energy circulation better. Orgonite Products are used to clear off stagnant luck flow. You can get back enriched life by using it. Orgonite can also give force to Positive energy around you. With this positive energy you can feel the difference of aura in your life.

Does Orgonite work?

It is the quartz crystal that sets apart orgonite technology from Reich technology. During the making/curing process, the resin in orgonite slightly shrinks, when it does it squeezes and applies permanent pressure on the quartz crystal. This constant pressure creates a well-known piezoelectric effect inside the crystal. In short, the quartz crystal end-points become polarized electrically. It is the quartz that is believed to be the main factor that contributes to the transmutation of negative energies into positive.

Pyramid shaped orgonite is the most well-known in orgonite products. There are other shapes as well such as round shape, heart shape, oval shape. Mentioned below are the list of orgone products.

Orgone Energy Health Benefits:

Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of orgone energy proved immensely beneficial for health. Although its effect may differ from person to person, it has positive effect on all.

Benefits of Orgonite:

  • Orgonite is an efficient ‘cleaner’ of stagnant and negative energies and transforms that into positive energy (aura). It is a connection between the Mind and Body.
  • People who use it feel more energized, some also feel a tingling or a warm sensation.
  • It is a help from God for those who are suffering from Mood Swings, aggressive behaviour, as it also works on mental calmness and balances moods.
  • It helps in sleeping. Keep it in your bedside table or anywhere in your bedroom near your bed and it will help you with as sound sleep and vivid dreams. It is very helpful for people suffering from insomnia or who have difficulty in sleeping.
  • It boosts your body’s immune system and helps in resisting your body from illness.
  • It helps in protecting us from emf radiations.
  • It also helps us spiritually, it helps us in meditation by calming our mind which helps us in spiritual growth.
  • It transforms and unbalanced state into a healthier state. It adds positive energy when necessary.

How to test Orgonite / Orgone Energy Devices?

  1. Take a Glass Jar and add it with filtered water.
  2. Mix the filtered water with food coloring.
  3. Put the Glass Jar with the water & color mix in a fridge and put an orgone pyramid on the top.
  4. Watch the formation of colour in ice after 2 hours of intervals. You will see the effect.

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