Black Tourmaline Benefits & Healing Properties

Black Tourmaline Meaning

The name Black Tourmaline is in 2 parts, Black is mentioned as Color and Tourmaline comes from an ancient Sinhalese (Sri Lankan) word “turmali” which means “a precious stone” or “turamali” which means “something smaller from Earth”.

Tourmaline belongs to the element family of Aluminium Borosilicates which is mixed with iron, magnesium or other metals. Depending on the proportions of its components, this crystal may form a different color variations like red, pink, yellow, brown, black, green, blue or violet. Black being the best of them.

Black Tourmaline Meaning

The most common Black Tourmaline species found is called Schorl. It is usually 95% of all the Tourmalines available on Earth. Apart from Black in Colour, sometimes it also appears in Dark Blue color which is so deep dark that it almost looks like Black.

Black Tourmaline is one of the best crystals used as Grounding Crystals used for meditation & healing. Sometimes Black Tourmalines are double terminated, tumbled, shaped as pendants, pyramids, earrings, key chains etc. So that they can be kept at your home like an Antique, you can wear it or use it whenever you feel necessary.

Black Tourmaline Metaphysical Healing Properties:

The metaphysical properties of Black Tourmaline is that, it is a shamanic stone (it helps the practitioner to reach altered state of consciousness), which provide protection during ritual work.  It can be used for scrying (foretell the future using a crystal ball) and was also used to point out the cause of your troubles or point out the offender and guide you to move in the right direction.

Its powerful ability protects against negative energy. Best way to keep it close to you is to wear it like a necklace, keep it in your pocket like a keychain or keep a pyramid or pendant in your hall or in your bedroom or use Aura Generator during meditation.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits:

Black Tourmaline Crystal is beneficial for protection against Psychic, EMF negative energies of all kind. It is one of the most powerful stones, it is also used as a grounding stone for all spiritual rituals to avoid any negative energies around you. Black Tourmaline also helps you to calm your anxiety.

Black Tourmaline Crystal Benefits

These Schorl encourages optimistic attitude in your daily life, brings you good luck and happiness, regardless of the negative aura or circumstances you are in.

Most experts including myself believe that Black Tourmaline is the best stone for protection as this stone is full of positive energy. In the world of Meta Physical stones, Black Tourmaline is the most popular crystal used.

They are one of the best healing crystals for arthritis pain, aids in stress and boosts your immune system. If you have a positive approach and a positive mindset towards life, this crystal will work out in the most favorable way for you.

These Black crystals are not just for “professional healers”, but also “average person” who wants positivity and goodness in his/her life.

Black Tourmaline Healing & Health Benefits:

Black Tourmaline has a powerful ability to help you in healing a huge number of health problems. It is one of the key components in cleansing rituals. It’s energy is well known to help you release your stress. Most of us have stress issues in our daily routine, this crystal will be quiet beneficial if it is nearby or you can also wear it like an ornament or a keychain. It gives you the best positive experience.

Black Tourmaline Healing & Health Benefits

The stress relief from the help of this stone may also help you in curing adrenal fatigue. It is well known to strengthen & give a healthy immune system and can also help us in healing pain relief for arthritis.

We have also come across some positive feedback from our customers, that it has also helped them in healing spinal & muscular problems. You can use pendants or massage wands for better results.

Black Tourmaline also helps to protect us from EMF harmful radiation, it absorbs vibrations emanating from electrical devices & cell phones. There are various proofs proving that we are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation due to cell phones & various electronic instruments which effects are body’s electrical circuitry, this stone helps as a grounding stone to neutralize the harmful effect of these EMF & electronic radiation.

Black Tourmaline Metaphysical Healing Properties

Keeping Black Tourmaline pendant under your pillow or keeping a Pyramid in your bedroom helps you release stress, removes negative energy around you and gives you good sleep & peaceful dreams.

Black Tourmaline for Home Protection: Since it makes the best protection stone, it dispels you from negative energy to protect your home and also removes energy blocks. These stones are perfect to protect you & your home from Black Magic.

Black Tourmaline Meditation:

Black Tourmaline is most commonly used for Meditation. It is a grounding stone to the Earth’s positive energies, it frees you to explore the spiritual world without danger or any harm. It provides high level of purification for Aura & etheric body. Pendulum’s are one of the best way to keep them with you it not just helps you to meditate but also helps you to concentrate & focus.

Black Tourmaline with Mica Benefits us by increasing our physical vitality, emotional stability and increases our intellectual alertness & acuteness. Its grounding property activates grounding connection between the first chakra and the core of Earth.

Where to place Black Tourmaline?

Best places where you can keep Black Tourmaline Crystal is in your living room, bedroom near your bed, in your purse or pocket or you can also keep it as your keychain.

Black Tourmaline in your Living Room:

You can use place Black Tourmaline in your living room as an antique. There are various carved & handcrafted products of them available such as Spheres, Pyramids.

Black Tourmaline in your Living Room

Black Tourmaline in Bedroom:

Black Tourmaline can be kept under your pillow in your bedroom, you can keep a pendant or you can keep a sphere, pyramid on your bedside table which can help you with a peaceful dream and help you relax your mind.

Black Tourmaline in Islam:

In Islam there is no mention of Black Tourmaline specially mentioned, apart from all the positive effects discussed above, I did not find anything negative in Islam which talks about the negative effects or stops us from using it. However, in Islam it is strictly advised not to wear any stones as bracelet or amulet but not haram, click here for more explanation.

Black Tourmaline in Bible:

Black Tourmaline are mentioned in the Bible in the Old & New Testaments, they are used in ancient & modern worship because God has created them to share these energies with us. As per the scripture these are described as Journey-Path, Grounding of Excess Energies, Leave Your Mark, Shadow-self, Shatter The Illusions! Click here for more explanation.

Black Tourmaline in Bible